Innovation with Purpose

Our pursuit of innovation goes beyond product development. In this article we explore the idea of  Innovation with Purpose  and our commitment to beauty that breaks new ground while also being ethical, sustainable, and inclusive.

May 13, 2024

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Kristal Goodman, Head of Product Innovation, THG LABS

THG LABS reputation for innovation is well established. For the past 30+ years we’ve been consistently challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the curve with our ideas and approach to product development and cosmetics manufacturing.

We believe innovation shouldn’t simply be focused on creating new products; it's about shaping a future that aligns with our values, meets our consumers' evolving needs, and addresses the broader challenges of sustainability and ethical responsibility in the beauty industry. 

The Drive for Innovation

Innovation is at THG LABS core. From our state-of-the-art R&D facilities to our advanced manufacturing processes, we are dedicated to not only keeping pace with the beauty industry's rapid evolution but also setting new standards. Our team of chemists and cosmetic scientists and experts across regulatory, purchasing, packaging, QC, compounding and production are continuously exploring new processes, formulas, ingredients, and technologies that can enhance the efficacy and appeal of our customers’ products.

However, our pursuit of innovation goes beyond product development. It's about Innovation with Purpose – a commitment to beauty that breaks new ground while also being ethical, sustainable, and inclusive. 

Our Pillars of Purposeful Innovation

We recognise the beauty industry's impact on the environment and are committed to formulating products that are as sustainable as they are effective.
THG LABS full-service capabilities mean we’re perfectly placed to embed sustainability into the heart of beauty product development and manufacturing. Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we’re committed to sustainable growth and working to positively impact our planet.
This means harnessing the many benefits of green chemistry, sourcing upcycled ingredients or raw materials grown using regenerative agriculture, using our packaging expertise to guide brands in making better choices, and leveraging manufacturing processes that reduce waste and energy consumption. Our aim is to give brands beauty solutions which mean their customers can look and feel their best without compromising the health of our planet.

Ethical Beauty:
At THG LABS, we ensure all the products we create are cruelty-free and the raw ingredients we use are responsibly sourced. We rigorously vet our supply chains and partners to ensure they meet our high standards of ethical practice, from labour rights to animal welfare.

Beauty is for everyone. We strive to create products that cater to a diverse range of skin needs, skin types and skin tones. Innovation with Purpose means designing products that embrace and celebrate diversity, ensuring that everyone can find beauty solutions that work for them.

Innovation in Action

Innovation does not happen in isolation. Collaborating with diverse sectors such as biotechnology, environmental science, and digital technology sectors can help bring about meaningful change.
Our commitment to Innovation with Purpose is more than a philosophy, it’s about putting this into practice.

We have developed a Formulation Charter which champions the use of natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced, prioritising low impact materials such as those from upcycling or the latest lab made ingredients using fermentation & biotechnology. When formulating with agriculturally produced materials, we prioritise ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced with regenerative practises in mind.
As a team we’re dedicated to reducing water and energy use in our manufacturing processes. Developing an extensive range of cold processed formulations, quenched and one pot emulsions enables us to meet these targets as outlined in our Formulation Charter.

Colleagues from our Innovation and R&D departments are involved in numerous pioneering projects, including collaborating with a biotech company on the creation of a cosmetic oil via fermentation of upcycled waste, to replace more agriculturally intensive oils.

Additionally, the team have also been testing and developing formulations with an organisation called Carbon Wave, who have produced an emulsifier (Sea Balance 2000). This new ingredient is created from an invasive floating seaweed (Sargassum) which has become a huge problem for certain regions where it has created an enormous mass, washing up on to beaches and eventually ending in landfill where it produces large quantities of methane. Among the first users of this material, THG LABS now have a library of tested formulations that are ready to go using Carbon Wave’s emulsifier – Sea Balance 2000. 

The Future of Beauty Innovation

Innovation thrives in a collaborative environment. Whether through co-creation projects, sustainability initiatives, or industry partnerships, there's immense potential in working together to shape the future of beauty. We invite our customers, suppliers and the broader beauty community to join us in this journey.

Join Us on Our Journey

Stay tuned to our Resource Hub and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and insights from THG LABS. We're more than a beauty manufacturer; we strive to be a community of innovators and changemakers. If you’d like to explore how we can support your brand, please get in touch:


Kristal Goodman

With over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry and UK cosmetics manufacturing, Kristal Goodman has cultivated a unique blend of scientific expertise, creative vision, and strategic thinking to spearhead what are recognised as some of the beauty industry’s most much-loved, must-have products.

In her role as the Head of Product Innovation, Kristal’s influence is best demonstrated in THG LABS dedication to pushing boundaries. She is the driving force behind the integration of upcycled ingredients, advanced biotechnology, and other impactful emergent global beauty trends that ensure THG LABS remains at the cutting-edge of beauty innovation. Her knowledge of actives and their benefits is encyclopaedic which fuels her talent for translating ingredient ideas and science into concepts that give each product a formula and a story consumers fall in love with.

A member of THG LABS Eco Leadership Team and a devoted advocate for formulating sustainably, Kristal adopts a holistic approach to product development, believing that truly innovative beauty products are those that address the multifaceted needs of today’s consumers while better respecting the world around us.