Product peace of mind

Regulatory Compliance

At THG LABS, our approach to regulatory compliance is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, irrespective of your project size.

Our dedicated Regulatory team assists customers in navigating the intricate and ever-changing landscape of global compliance standards. We manage and verify all supplier documentation for materials, ensuring ongoing conformity with updates and adherence to regulations across necessary regions. Additionally, our team is committed to guaranteeing that the final product is not only safe but also aligns with the specific compliance requirements of the intended country and regions.

Future proofing your products

“Whether regulated as a drug, therapeutic good, natural health product or cosmetic in your chosen markets, our expert in-house Regulatory team can help you map out your ambition for your products from the outset by providing guidance on development, testing and manufacturing processes required to launch a compliant formulation. This enables us to tailor formulations to the requirements of specific markets around the globe.”
Richard Keightley – Quality & Regulatory Director, THG LABS Acheson

Respected expertise

We have representatives on industry trade association committees in both the UK & US which gives our clients a strong voice in the beauty industry and ensures they are proactively informed with regulatory changes before they transition to legislation.


We’re Certified COSMOS Organic, COSMOS Natural and can support RSPO Certified Customers.

THG LABS UK Factory is registered with the US FDA which enables us to manufacture OTC Sunscreen Drug Products for the US market.