Brains and Beauty

Research & Development

Creating world-class beauty products, takes world-class cosmetic scientists. The expertise of our R&D team coupled, with our advanced cosmetic laboratories and beauty manufacturing facilities, gives us the edge in developing market-leading skincare, bodycare, haircare, suncare and fragrance products.

  • We design and project manage clinical and consumer testing and support with claim substantiation advice.
  • We work closely with our process team on scale up batches and conduct fill trials to ensure a smooth transition of your beauty products from lab to factory.
  • We can work collaboratively with ingredient manufacturing partners for bespoke raw material development and can advise on patents and technologies.
  • Our in-lab equipment optimises formulation development and generates data for claim substantiation alongside additional instrumental assessments or custom designed user trials.
  • THG LABS UK factory is registered with the US FDA which enables us to manufacture OTC Sunscreen Drug Products for the US market.

Skincare Expertise

Our large and talented team of skincare scientists have many decades of experience formulating for all skin types and concerns, and for all regulatory regions of the globe.
We have a reliable network of excellent suppliers who help us source the latest efficacious ingredients of the finest quality and, if the project demands it, we also can also design custom ingredients.

Collaborating with leading dermatologists, academics, specialised raw material suppliers, biotech pioneers and patent lawyers, we have the in-house expertise to craft bespoke skincare and bodycare formulations specific to your brand’s requirements – be it delicate formulas for babies, kids and teens, targeted menopausal skin solutions, men’s grooming, sun-kissed self-tanners, high-performance pro-aging products or blissful spa rituals.

Kirsty Gainey - Account Head of R&D, THG LABS Acheson

Haircare Expertise

At THG Labs, we see hair as an expression of individuality. We use our expertise and our passion for innovation to create specialised haircare and scalp care products which cater to the unique needs of every hair type. With an in-depth understanding of hair’s complex structure, our experienced team of creative formulators develop scalp and haircare products ranging from sophisticated serums and scrubs, shampoos and conditioners to transformative finishing creams, protective mists and colour treatments.

Whether you are seeking to offer your customers stronger locks, maintain vibrant hair colour or enhance the natural texture of curly hair, we can support your brand in delivering exceptional results by harnessing consumer-led insights and formulating with cutting-edge, upcycled and sustainable active ingredients.
We can also leverage the expertise of Trichologists in the R&D process to support development and validate the efficacy of our scalp care and haircare products.

Dr. Catherine Leray – Account Head of R&D, THG LABS Acheson

Suncare Expertise

SPF is an essential part of any daily skincare offering and the best sunscreen product is the one that people want to use. With 40+ years combined industry experience, our dedicated Suncare Development team are experts at creating sophisticated sun protection formulations with light, luxurious textures that achieve consumer buy-in both in terms of efficacy and sensorial performance.

The regulation of sun protection products differs greatly between markets. It impacts the choice and combination of filters used in formulations, the claims that can be made about the product and the labelling requirements. Our Suncare Formulation team work closely with our expert in-house Regulatory Team who provide guidance on the development, testing and manufacturing processes required to launch a compliant formulation. This enables us to tailor formulations to the requirements of specific markets around the globe.

Roger Rowson - Account Head of R&D, THG LABS Acheson


We're experienced in creating ISO natural formulas and can support Certified COSMOS Organic, COSMOS Natural and RSPO Certified customers.

Explore Our  Formulations

We develop bespoke formulations in wide-ranging formats and textures including emulsions, detergents, oils, salts, scrubs balms and fragrances.

The Future of Cosmetic Science

Outside of the lab our chemists are just as busy taking part in industry events and adding value to our customers beyond the formulation stage.

Supporting the product journey from concept to consumer, clients can continue to leverage THG LABS in-depth skincare, suncare and haircare expertise whether it’s bringing the science to life at press launches or providing the media with expert quotes to use in their features.

The team’s professional passion is also shared with our wider community, working with local schools and industry bodies to inspire the next generation of cosmetic scientists.

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Benchmarked with the Best

The skincare, haircare, bodycare and fragrance products we create for our customers are sold in leading global retailers, consistently scooping prestigious industry awards and generating editorial buzz online and in print.