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The cosmetics industry is fast-paced and success depends on staying one step ahead with future-proof beauty products that excite and engage consumers.

Our Innovation team have their finger on the pulse, fuelling blue-sky thinking with consumer insights, global trends, market data, and the latest ingredients and textures. The result? Unique, strategic, on-brand skincare, bodycare, haircare and suncare product concepts that drive progress and delight your customers.

Formulators With a Flair for Marketing

Our team has a unique blend of skills which combines technical expertise with a creative talent for translating ingredient ideas and science into compelling messaging, so each beauty product has a formula AND a story consumers fall in love with.

Kristal Goodman – Head of Technical Innovation, THG LABS Acheson

We’re proud to be one of the first UK beauty manufacturers to have joined Cosmetic Europe’s Commit for Our Planet initiative.

Formulating Sustainably

THG LABS are committed to researching and developing beauty products that require less energy and water to produce and are striving to steadily increase the amount of environmentally friendly, low-impact materials used in our products.

We prioritise the selection of natural ingredients that are crafted through biotechnology, fermentation, upcycling or regenerative agriculture, and those that benefit local communities and protect biodiversity.
We are also furthering development of sustainable alternatives to agriculturally grown ingredients using biotechnology; collaborating with pioneers in this area to help the progression and creation of cosmetic ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

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