In June, biotechnology took centre stage at our monthly R&D masterclass, where we explored its definition and diverse applications across various industries. We focused on its crucial roles in beauty and personal care product development, highlighting three key sectors: Blue biotechnology, which harnesses marine biodiversity; White biotechnology, which produces valuable products like Hyaluronic acid; and Green biotechnology, which influences agricultural practices. 

Throughout the day, we delved into various aspects of biotechnology, including vertical farming, fermentation techniques, advancements in synthetic biology, and the revolutionary use of enzymes as biocatalysts. This exploration expanded our knowledge and sparked thought-provoking discussions on future directions and potential innovations in the beauty industry.

Huge thanks to Kelly Shenton MBA from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics - by Clariant for expertly organising this enlightening event, and to Laure Guillotin for sharing her insights and travelling from Toulouse to join us. 

These sessions aren't just about learning; they’re a chance to connect with the brilliant minds pushing our industry’s boundaries. Here’s to more discoveries ahead in biotech!