May Masterclass

May 17, 2024

1 min read

The Technical team’s Masterclass this month welcomed Raquel Machado Ferreira from Vytrus Biotech and Felix Graydon from Carst & Walker who were with us to share their latest findings on plant stem cells and the microbiome.

As ever, Raquel and Felix’s passion and knowledge were truly inspiring. They explored the benefits of plant stem cells from a sustainability perspective, discussing their use as bio factories to produce active molecules, plant peptides, and exosomes for skincare. Additionally, we delved into the microbiome and explored the concept of the "suprastratum," the air mantle at the skin's surface that creates a microenvironment influencing the microbiome. This understanding could be crucial for future targets in skin wellbeing.

Their presentation not only expanded our understanding of these cutting-edge topics but also sparked excitement about the potential future applications of this research. Thank you, Rachel and Felix, for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm – we’re eager to see where your research leads!