Our New Labsphere has Landed

April 12, 2024

Our sun care development team are taking their skills to the next level as we welcome a cutting-edge device that will fast-track formulation time and overhaul how we assess UV protection. The Labsphere, Inc. UV-2000 Ultraviolet Transmittance Analyser has been unboxed and is already being used in our Testing lab.

This game-changing piece of kit provides us with real-time insights to push the boundaries in SPF development. The Labsphere gives us the ability to fine-tune formulations with pinpoint accuracy so our SPF products are optimised for performance, efficacy, and consumer experience.

It brings an efficiency that’s a win-win for us and our clients, allowing THG LABS to bring innovative products to market at a pace that matches the speed of consumer demands.

To our partners and the beauty brands we serve, watch this space as we supercharge those sophisticated sun care solutions.