Storehouse Foodbank Visit

June 6, 2024

This week, we were fortunate to welcome Storehouse Foodbank (Trowbridge) to THG LABS as Jill Neighbour joined our Product team Huddle. Jill’s visit was an enlightening experience, providing us with a deeper understanding of the vital work Storehouse does in our community.

Storehouse’s contributions are extensive and impactful. Beyond their essential role as a foodbank, they supply toiletry and sanitary items to local schools, helping to support young people and children in areas of personal hygiene and self-care. Once a week, they offer a hot meal and listening ear to those in need, and they create a safe space for people who are homeless or vulnerable. This includes access to showers and a spare change of clothes, ensuring individuals maintain their dignity. Additionally, they run a quarterly cooking school to help build life skills to those who have never had the opportunity to cook for themselves. These initiatives represent just a fraction of the incredible work Storehouse undertakes.

Hearing Jill’s first-hand experiences with the charity and learning more about the circumstances and challenges faced by those most in need in our community was incredibly powerful. Lots of us left feeling motivated to volunteer with them and make a difference in the lives of the families and individuals the charity serves.

Here at LABS, we are proud to partner with dedicated organisations in our local area, and are committed to helping build a stronger, more supportive community together. We look forward to more sessions like this and having the chance to understand more about the wonderful work other local charities do.

To find out more about Storehouse and how you can help, visit